Wall Mount Type

As the leading supplier of commercial water dispensers in Singapore, Puricare helps customers have instant access to clean drinking water, no matter the setting. This is made possible through features such as their wall-mount water cooler’s two-stage filtration system.

Powerful yet energy-efficient, the water cooler wall mount dispenser from Puricare is also available as a hot and cold water dispenser that has the capacity to cool 20L and heat 24L of water per hour. The unit adopts a stainless steel framework and shell, including a pressure-free tank that uses a two-stage filtration system to provide pure and quality drinking water. Our coolers and dispensers are also environmentally-friendly, and use 134a green freon for chilling. Floor-standing versions are available as well.

Puricare’s products are ideal for use as commercial water coolers in Singapore and are not just limited to household use. They can be used as hotel water dispensers as well as in restaurants, schools, hospitals and more. When using a wall-mounted water cooler dispenser, one can be assured of a compact and durable set-up.

We also offer floor-standing versions of water dispensers for those who may prefer it. Opt for water dispenser rental if you prefer a lower commitment; or buy one if you prefer a one-and-done complete arrangement.

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