7 Factors to consider before buying a water dispenser in Singapore for your home or office

Water is the biggest intake in our everyday life and it is in fact one of the most essential items that a person needs in order to function healthily. When it comes to having a reliable source of water, there are a few options in Singapore. One can go with tap water, or boiled water, and lastly thanks to the help of technology, one can choose to get a water dispenser.

With so many water dispensers in Singapore to choose from, it is essential to at least consider these 7 factors before one chooses a water dispenser to purchase.

By definition, a water dispenser is an equipment that simply dispensers water at room temperature.

Water coolers on the other hand is an equipment that has the cooling and heating function.

However, in today’s context, when someone is looking for a water dispenser, he or she is most probably thinking of getting a machine that dispensers both hot and cold water.

Water dispenser type – KNOW YOUR OPTIONS!

First, one needs to be educated on the different types of water dispensers; their purposes, and functionality.

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The two big categories are: bottled water dispensers and plumbed-in water dispensers. The bottled ones would require the bottle to be replaced once there is no more water in the bottle. The plumbed-in ones do not have a bottle hanging at the top or have a bottled container hidden at the bottom, but rather it requires a continuous water supply, and requires installation services.

  1. Access To Water Supply

If your home or office has a water supply source, then you can definitely have the plumbed-in option as one of your options.


  1. Size – Space

The next thing you have to do is to understand your space requirements. If you have a boxed up space to put your water dispenser, then the floor standing option might just do the trick. If you have a countertop at home and it is not crowded, then you could utilise the space and choose a countertop water dispenser to occupy that space.


  1. Water Capacity

If your office or home has quite a number of people who would use the water dispenser, then you should think about getting a bigger capacity water dispenser.

If you do decide to go with the bottled water dispenser, then you have to take note that the bottle would need to be replaced consistently.


  1. Lifestyle Features You Want

There are many useful features that water dispensers offer such as:

– Child lock (for your child’s safety)

– LED temperature display

– Touch panel

– Computer system controller

– Sterilisation

Another thing to think about its the power consumption level that the water dispenser has.

If you need your water dispenser to dispense both hot and cold water, then you would need a water dispenser with a bigger compressor unit.

The colder the water – the bigger the compressor unit.


  1. Filtration System

Most bottled water dispensers do not have a proper purification feature, compared to plumbed-in water dispensers that would need to filter the water going into the machine.


  1. Design

Other than functionality, design is one thing that people pay for. A more modern, compact and stylish looking water dispenser is most of the time more expensive. The benefits it gives would include: complimenting your interior design, or giving your premise the extra design boost.


  1. Budget

After thinking about all the different pointers, the last thing is your budget.

It is important that you compare the different models that are available in the market and their functionality. Know exactly what your office or home needs and understand what you are paying for.


Additional things to take note of:

– Maintenance

– After Sales Service

In general, there are many cheap options available online, but more often that not, they do not come with a comprehensive warranty or after sales support. Having a strong after sales support team ensures that if or when your water dispenser breaks down, you will have a team to provide proper care to your water dispenser.



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