Benefits of Having a Direct Piping Water Dispenser

Benefits of Having a Direct Piping Water Dispenser in Singapore

There are three basic ways to get water from a water dispenser – direct piping, bottled water, and pour-in.

For direct piping water dispensers, they are typically connected to a water point for water access.

The water is then filtered and then sent into the intake of water dispensers tanks for heating and cooling.

This is the most efficient way to get water as it eliminates the need for bottles and also minimizes wastage.

Another benefit of having a direct piping water dispenser is that you have somewhat more control over the quality of the water. Bottled water on the other hand can be expensive and the quality of water may vary.

Today we will discuss the key benefits of having a direct piping water dispenser for your homes or offices.


Benefits of Direct Piping Water Dispenser

(1) No need for ordering of water bottles or need for load changing

There is no need to order water bottles from vendors and change the bottom load or top load of big containers, such as 16L or so, when using a direct pipe water dispenser.

In addition, you can get access to endless amounts of hot and cold filtered water with the water point.


(2) Improved water quality

The direct piping of the water dispenser helps to improve the water quality as it eliminates the need for a water bottle. The use of a water bottle may introduce contaminants into your drinking water, such as bacteria and other harmful chemicals.

This is of course relevant if your direct piping water dispenser has no filter issues (changed and serviced regularly).


(3) Reduced carbon footprint

Think about the plastic from the carbon footprint from the big bottles & the deliveries that we have to order every week or every month. It will be greatly reduced to just 1 or 2 trips by technician to help you change the filters & service your dispenser.


(4) Cost-effective option

These water dispensers pay for themselves over time. Not only do you get healthier water, but you also save money on bottled water and trips to the store.

There are many reasons to switch to a direct piping water dispenser, including improved water quality, reduced carbon footprint, and cost effectiveness.


(5) Reduced bottles taking up your space

If you are searching for a way to liven up your kitchen or bathrooms, consider using a direct piping water dispenser. They help to avoid the unsightly sight of bottles or empty or full bottles cluttering your workspace or home.


(6) Convenience

There will be no more reasons for not receiving your bottles on time. You may now enjoy limitless, continuous water. There is also no need to be concerned about the delivery, bottle swapping out with new ones to fill up empty ones, or how quickly people drink water (and if you need to order ahead of schedule). Water from a direct-piped water dispenser is more convenient than that of containers.


Requirements of having a direct piping water dispenser

(1) You need to have a water point

Without a water piping point (where you water dispenser needs to be connected to), these kind of water dispensers cannot be installed.

You need to plan and have a place to install the water dispenser as it will take up some space. You would need to make sure that there is enough space around the dispenser for people to access it comfortably.


(2) You need to have access to an electrical socket

The water dispenser will need to be plugged into an electrical socket to function.


(3) You need to have a discharge point

(ONLY if you are using stainless steel exterior water coolers)

A discharge point is a hole or opening at the bottom of the water dispenser where the water will flow out. If you are using a stainless steel exterior water cooler, you will need to have a discharge point as the water will not flow out from the sides or top of the dispenser.


(4) Drilling may be required – on counter top for tabletop direct piping water dispensers

One disadvantage is that drilling may be required for on counter top or table top direct piping water dispenser. If your water cooler is not placed on the counter top or table top, then you will need to drill a hole through the counter or table to provide a discharge point for the water.

However, nowadays there are many compact direct piping water dispensers that would just need a basic installation with no drilling needed.

If you are not sure if your water dispenser or cooler falls into this category, please consult the manufacturer or supplier before making a purchase.

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