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When there is not enough time to fill a water cooler, many individuals turn to office water dispensers. Given the ease, direct-piping water dispenser have grown in popularity as a cost-saving mechanism for businesses. This feature allows users to fill their own water bottles and get the chilled or hot water that they need. There […]

Since the 1870s, UV light has been used to disinfect hard surfaces. The use of UV water purification began with the French employing it to sterilize their municipal water supply in 1908. More studies have also discovered that water can become contaminated in a variety of ways, and unsafe or insufficient water purification might lead […]

The short answer.. Yes. Distilled water is safer to consume than ordinary water since it is more pure. The disadvantage of distilled water, on the other hand, is that many of the natural minerals present in water are lost during the distillation process. You could potentially think it’s bland or flat, as essential minerals such […]

While some (wrongly) believe sparkling water is a luxury beverage available always reserved as a fancier option, many people turn it down because they believe it is the unhealthy alternative, with allegations of tooth decay and dehydration circulating. But are there any truths to the rumours? Is sparkling water harmful to one’s health? Let us […]

There are three basic ways to get water from a water dispenser – direct piping, bottled water, and pour-in. For direct piping water dispensers, they are typically connected to a water point for water access. The water is then filtered and then sent into the intake of water dispensers tanks for heating and cooling. This […]

There has been a lot of buzz about alkaline water recently on the internet. Some people believe that alkaline water is a superior choice than anything you can get from your tap. However, the problem with most individuals is that they don’t know much about alkaline water, and exactly their benefits. Is it really necessary […]

When you buy a pack of bottled water, you would often see an expiration date on the plastic wrapping. The main reason is not because water really has an expiry date, but rather – printing an expiration date has become an industry standard for bottled water manufacturers across several countries. However, this legislation was subsequently […]

What Are Water Coolers? Water coolers are a type of water dispenser. Water coolers are generally referred to as water dispensers in Singapore, which have a stainless steel appearance with only chilled water functions (no hot water). It is the sort of water dispensers that may be found in schools and work sites. However in […]

What Is Alkaline Water? When water flows over rocks and picks up minerals, its alkaline level rises. These sorts of waters have higher pH levels than tap or mineral waters. Alkaline water can also be produced by ionizing water. However, many people purchase alkaline water that has been electrolyzed, a chemical process that transforms increases […]

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