Everything you need to know about a water cooler

Everything you need to know about a water cooler - puricare

What Are Water Coolers?

Water coolers are a type of water dispenser.

Water coolers are generally referred to as water dispensers in Singapore, which have a stainless steel appearance with only chilled water functions (no hot water). It is the sort of water dispensers that may be found in schools and work sites.

However in today’s context, there are many water coolers that have both hot and cold function integrated to it.

There are two types of water coolers namely: wall mount and floor standing, and water coolers are mostly direct piping (where there is no bottled type of water coolers).


Two Types of Dispensing Outlets


Bubblers are the most common type of faucet dispenser at all water coolers and fountains since they allow drinkers to quench their thirst without using a cup by projecting a stream of cold water in an arch.

Goose neck spout:

The goose neck spout provides you with the height you need to fill your water bottle with fresh, cold water to cool down in Singapore’s scorching heat. It also makes it simpler to boil hot water for a cup of coffee or instant noodles. The ones you see in public, on the other hand, rarely has a hot water function (due to safety reasons).


Slight Difference In Function Between Bubbler and Goose Neck Spout:

Typically, there will be two spouts: one for hot water and the other for cold.

Of course, the bubbler is only intended for cold water for safety’s sake.


Take Note of Your Drainage Point

Because water coolers are intended to be used outside (usually in the presence of a canopy) and by large groups, there is no one to empty the drip tray on a regular basis, so it is built with drainage in mind. As a result, you should consider putting your water cooler near to a drainage outlet.


Take Note of Your Water Cooler’s Location


A piped-in water cooler is the sort we’ve been talking about. That is, it is connected to a water source right away and supplies uninterrupted water into the water cooler. If no accessible water source exists, then plumbing work may be required for piping.



Having a chilled water cooler needs electricity in order for the compressor to operate. As a result, having a power source near is definitely beneficial. If that’s not the case, however, an electrician’s services will be required to install the power point.



This drain point removes the water from the basin of the water cooler to the drainage system, resulting in minimal maintenance.


Water Filter Needs

Filters are available as standard on some water coolers. The government in Singapore of Singapore has claimed that drinking water without any Point of use treatment is safe.

If you’re able to get POINT-OF-USE water filters and change them on a regular basis, I think there is a higher likelihood that it will improve the quality of the water.

Water, after all, moves through pipes that we have no control over. If your supplier does not have a robust maintenance plan and you might leave the filters untouched for an extended period of time before changing them, thus you should then go WITHOUT a filter for a start.

In floor standing water coolers, the filters are generally positioned within the body of the water cooler because there is room inside the body.

However, depending on the type of wall mounted water cooler you have, the water filters may need to be inserted INSIDE or OUTSIDE it.


One Advantage of Wall Mounted Water Coolers Over Floor Standing Ones:

Water coolers that are mounted on the wall are more common in schools, businesses, and public areas. This produces water by connecting to the building’s water supply to ensure a constant water supply close to the toilets.

These water coolers are more expensive to install, require a greater degree of technical knowledge and maintenance, and are generally positioned in areas where a facility manager can be readily available to monitor their performance and carry out repairs if needed.

Water coolers that can be mounted on the wall are ideal for situations where you need a SPECIFICALLY MADE CUSTOM HEIGHT.

So this is beneficial in schools with little children or those who might not be able to reach due to their age.

It is also accessible for persons using wheelchairs, so they will not have any difficulties getting to water. It’s especially handy when the BODY of the wall mount is short, allowing part of the wheelchair to go underneath and giving a better angle for one sitting in a wheelchair to get water.

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