Changing a Water Filter: How Often Should You Do It


Is it time to replace your water filter? Have you decided that you would rather keep contaminants out of the tap water? Filters can get clogged and accumulate debris as a result of continuous usage. As a consequence, less contamination is adsorbed or filtered. Not changing your water filter can have a direct impact on how fast your water dispenser works.

How often should you change the filters?

In general, we recommend changing your filters every six to eight months. This is based on how much you use your device, which influences the cartridge’s lifespan. Whether you should change your filters at six or eight months is determined by how much you utilise them.

Only a fraction of filtration systems require any kind of maintenance (including cartridge replacements). If you are not sure when the system was last maintained, get in touch with experts. They will be able to do inspections and necessary maintenance this way.

Professionals may also send you a reminder about maintenance. As a result, you can be sure that your water filter system is in excellent working order, and you won’t have to worry about your water filters every once in a while.

Signs You Should Change Your Filters

It is difficult to determine exactly when it is time to change the filters in your cooler. This is why changing your filters on a frequent basis is critical.

(1) Slow Water Dispenser Output Speed

One of the main signs that you need new filters is slow water dispenser output speed. When your water filter gets clogged, it slows down the rate at which the water is released from the machine. This means you’ll have to put more pressure on the tap in order to get a glass of cool drinking water.

(2) Significant Change In Taste

When your water filter needs to be replaced, it becomes much more apparent. You may experience particularly cloudy or (much worse) tastes terrible if your filter has outlived its usefulness. Replacing your filter might help relieve this foul problem and return your water quality to crystal clear.

(3) Bad Odour

Chlorine or sulfur (rotten egg odor), as well as unpleasant smells or odors, such as chlorine or sulfur (rotten egg smell), can be found in your drinking water from a variety of sources. If they aren’t going away after your water filter, you probably need to replace it.

(4) Damage Water Filter

A water filter may be damaged at any time, and it must be replaced as soon as possible. Damage to a water filter is most often caused by improper installation, aggressive cleaning, or failure to turn off the system during flushing, and certain types can even wear out through regular usage.

The water filter’s flow may sometimes cause damage. Hot water passing through the filter is more of a problem for reverse osmosis membrane filters, which have an upper limit of around 95°F before their membranes are destroyed.

When water filters are left to freeze, they can be damaged. This generally happens when water is retained in an in-line filter, reverse osmosis system, or under sink system and expands while freezing. The mechanical structure of the filters may be damaged, and some damage will go unnoticed.

Why professionals should do it?

When sourcing and changing filters on your own, you might risk selecting the wrong fit for your water dispenser and damage your water dispenser machine as a result.

Because different types of cartridges exist, the shape and size vary. You might acquire the incorrect size (and with the wrong specifications). Even a tiny mismatch can render the cartridges unusable. Contamination may spread around the cartridges, or cartridge replacements may not fit at all.

Professionals can install the proper cartridges and ensure that they are the appropriate ones for your filtration system to avoid this problem. They may also conduct a pressure test and a flow check (usually included) to guarantee that your water filtering system is working properly.

Change a water filter with Puricare

At Puricare, our customers do not have to worry about the after care of their water dispensers in Singapore.

Technical Support: Our in-house technical staff can help you troubleshoot your equipment with free, no-obligation assistance for both residential and commercial customers during the warranty period of our goods.

Maintenance Package: On-site servicing, basic cleaning, technical condition assessment, and filter replacement are available for 12 or 24 contractual periods.

Experience: Skilled technicians are familiar with resolving reported technical problems with accuracy and a clear solution in the shortest time feasible.

Response: Under an emergency scenario, our support response time is 24 hours or less. We will suggest the finest approach of service while limiting any disruptions to your operation in the case of uncertainties. The same assistance is also offered to residential and commercial customers who are out of warranty.

Compressor: Our specialist can assist with defective compressor replacement and gas topping.

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