Make Your Home And Office A More Productive Place

If you’re one of the thousands of people who are currently working from home for the first time, you’re undoubtedly still adjusting to the changes. Making sure that the manner in which you work and your physical setup are conducive to your needs is a good place to start during this transition to flexible employment.

Today, we will show you how to make your home office a more productive and convenient environment.


(1) Ergonomic – Posture

If you have the cash, a decent chair and desk are worth the money. Check that your laptop or PC screen is at eye level or below, and that your keyboard, trackpad, and mouse are set up to protect your wrist if you want to avoid neck and shoulder strain.

There are numerous online resources that teach you how to be more ergonomic when working on computers.


(2) Allocate a Space Dedicated For Working

Assign a specific location as your working space, keeping your laptop or PC out of the way of the television. Maintain a pleasant temperature in your area (not in full sun or a draught) and tuck away any computer cables and adaptors to avoid being tripped over.


(3) Be a Harmonious Worker At Home

When you have two parents who work from home at the same time, or when your parents and grown children live together, you will have a better chance of achieving a peaceful co-existence if you follow a few basic regulations. These are just a few examples:

  • Utilise your headphones if you are listening to music or any other form of audio
  • Make your call in a secluded area, or excuse yourself if necessary.
  • Keep your work stations tidy
  • Keep your desk tidy and neat after use
  • Dispose of trash daily


(4) Set Boundaries

Working from home offers a lot of freedom, but it’s essential to establish set working hours to preserve some balance in your life – you don’t want to be staying up all night too often.

A routine also helps you get some exercise in. The good news is that remote workers are healthier and more productive than their office-bound peers according to recent observations.


(5) Be Socially Engaged Still

It is crucial to look after your mental well-being as a remote employee. Working from home may put certain personalities at greater risk of isolation, but there are ways to combat it.

It would be helpful to still be socially engaged through lunch “meetings”, or just to speak to colleagues time to time.


(6) Keep Yourself Hydrated

A takeaway coffee run may be beneficial in an office when you need a much-needed break from your tasks. If you have a coffee machine at home, your coffee run is significantly quicker and less expensive. Thus it is better to drink water since you are eliminating all of the sugar, fats, and stimulants that come with coffee for hydrating purposes.

If you take the time to crunch the numbers, it is worthwhile to combine the money you save on coffees and your commute, and invest in a water dispenser instead. You will also get the benefit of having it at home while also purchasing water for yourself and your family.

Working from home may be a far healthier and more cost-effective way to work overall if you can get your home office set up just right. We might even see businesses adopt it as a permanent option in Singapore, which would benefit everyone.

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