Why tankless water dispensers are better than bottled water dispensers

In the water dispenser industry, there are two different types of water dispensers, namely: tank (bottled) and tankless (Plumbed-In). The other sub categories would include: floor standing bottled water dispenser, countertop POU water dispenser, and more.

One has to decide if they would want their water to be dispensed through a tank or via direct piping instead. Both have their own pros and cons, and they cater to different needs. If you are still clueless and would need a general guide on the factors to consider before buying a water dispenser, you can read our short write-up here.

It is said that bottled water dispensers are more optimal for offices, as they can dispense greater volume of water and at a faster rate compared to tankless water dispensers. This caters for offices that have a big number of employees. In addition, they are easier to maintain as well, as all you have to do is replace the bottle.

However, on the flipside, a tankless water dispenser is more suitable for residential use, where the number of users is low. These direct piping water dispensers are more compact, and does not need the constant bottle top up. Without a tank, it also reduces the chances of contamination.

Today, we will discuss five reasons why tankless water dispensers are more functional than bottled water dispensers.

tankless water dispensers vs. bottled water dispensers


1) Reduces Chances of Contamination

Tankless water dispensers do not need the constant replacing of the bottles, and many of them offer hands-free functionality.

Many of the bottled water dispensers would require the touch of the user to get the water dispenser to dispense water. This requirement actually puts employees at risk at spreading and contracting germs and bacteria, especially if the water dispenser is not cleaned and sanitised often.

2) Low Maintenance Cost & Effort

Many tankless water dispensers have a self-sterilising function, and does not need the transportation of water bottle.

However, for bottled water dispensers, beyond the physical work of replacing the bottle, cost is required for the transportation of the bottles. Moreover, it requires much more manual cleaning to maintain a bottled water dispenser.

Tankless water dispensers would only require few scheduled maintenance a year, which includes filter replacements or parts replacements if needed.

3) Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Today, there are many modern water dispensers that have integrated energy saving functionality. This would help you to save on electricity and other resources. In addition, because it does not a bottle to function, you would also save on transportation and labor cost.

4) Save On Space

In general, a bottled water dispenser would take up more space in your premise. This is because it is not as compact as the tankless water dispenser.

Additional storage is also required to store racks and the bottles.

5) Better Functions

Tankless water dispensers now come with various functions. From LED temperature display, a touch panel, to sterilisation, to child safely lock.

Overall, a tankless water dispenser will help you save on cost, effort, and even space. Overall, if you are thinking of getting an office water dispenser in Singapore, a tankless water dispenser will help you to reduce your business expenses.

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