The different types of filtration methods & types in water dispensers

Water is not only a basic necessity for our bodies, but drinking it actually helps us to function better and feel better. Our bodies use water in its cells and organs to help our body function. Thus, water should be a big part of one’s life and drinking cleaned and filtered water has proven to bring much health benefits in the long-run. Filtered water is much healthier compared to drinking unfiltered water. Simply because, filtered water has its contaminants and bacteria removed, and it still leaves behind its minerals that would give a good taste as compared to distilled water (where most of the minerals have been removed).

With many water dispensers in Singapore, that have different filtration systems, consumers are spoilt for choice, and many would not know how to even start. Today, we will be sharing on the different types of filtration system and processes in water dispensers.


Filtration has already been done by the water supplier

For bottled water dispensers, it is not as easy to diagnose the type of filtration system that is used, simply because these water dispensers use water that is already pre-filtered, thus how the water is being filtered depends on the filtration process that the bottled water has already undergone, that is done by the supplier.


Filtration takes place in the actual unit

For Plumed-in water dispensers, unlike bottled water dispensers, they are connected directly to a water supply. The filtration process happens in the actual unit before the water is being dispensed out from the machine.


There are 5 common water filtration methods:

different types of filtration methods & types in water dispensers. common filtration methods used

01: Reverse osmosis (common in larger sized water dispensers)

Reverse osmosis starts with passing water through a membrane (at a high pressure level) and this membrane will trap any contaminants that is in the water. It will only allow filtered water to go into the storage tank, which is then ready to be heated up or chilled for drinking.


02: Activated carbon filters

Activated carbon filters are filters that are used to remove synthetic chemicals that may still be present after water has gone through the reverse osmosis membrane.

It can be used together with reverse osmosis. It is also often used on its own as a water filtration system.


03: Ultra-violet (UV) filtration systems

This water filtration system utilises ultra-violet radiation to disrupt the DNA in microorganisms to prevent them from reproducing. The technology of UV disinfection is used to treat water that has:

  • Cryptosporidium
  • Mycobacterium
  • Streptococcus
  • Cholera
  • Algae & Fungi
  • Viruses

Ultra-violet filtration systems is effective in removing microbes and parasites (can cause disease). It utilises mercury based low pressure lighting to destroy any micro-organisms that are present in water. It is 100% safe and does not use any type of harmful chemicals to alter the composition of water.


04: Ceramic filters

A ceramic filter purification system has an outer micro-porous ceramic wall that screens water to one micron, which helps to remove 99% of bacteria and miniscule solids. It is effective in removing: chlorine, ammonia, and bad tastes and odours.

One set back is that it would require frequent cleaning and changing for them to work effectively. Both ceramic and UV filtration systems have one flaw; which is that they do not effectively remove chemical based contamination from water (as compared to ultrafiltration).


05: Ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration is a more advanced filtration process that helps in removing the smallest bacteria and chemical based contaminants that can be possibly found in water.

It produces water of the highest purity, and is often used in pharmaceutical production, and food and beverage production due to its highly effective cleaning process.


In Summary – Common Filtration Methods Used:

01: Reverse osmosis

02: Activated carbon filters

03: Ultra-violet (UV) filtration systems

04: Ceramic filters

05: Ultrafiltration


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