Why Direct Piping Water Dispensers Are Wanted In Offices

Why Direct Piping Water Dispensers Are Wanted In Offices

When there is not enough time to fill a water cooler, many individuals turn to office water dispensers. Given the ease, direct-piping water dispenser have grown in popularity as a cost-saving mechanism for businesses.

This feature allows users to fill their own water bottles and get the chilled or hot water that they need.

There are several benefits of using these types of dispensers in office settings. First, they save employees time by eliminating the need to fill large water jugs on a regular basis. This also reduces waste, since workers can more easily gain access to water instantaneously.


What Is a Direct-piping Water Dispenser?

Direct piping water dispensers get their water through a direct connection to a constant source of water – like a fixed water supply source.

This is in contrast to bottled water dispensers, which use the removable pre-filled water bottles as their source of water supply.


Why Is It a Popular Option?

Water dispenser for office usage are becoming increasingly popular among businesses in Singapore.

  • Easy To Maintain

This is due to the difficulty in installing and maintaining water bottle refill machines, as well as the rising cost of buying bottled water. These devices use filter cartridges that can be replaced, and the tanks may be cleaned and sterilized.


  • Reduced Risk of Contamination

Drinking filtered or distilled water has its advantages – such as reduced risk of contamination, and better water quality.

This is with the assumption that the filters are maintained regularly, as filters can become faulty and may affect the quality of water produced.


  • Cost-effectiveness Option In The Long-run

More than half of Singapore’s companies, according to a recent poll by the Singapore Direct Water industry, have either already installed a direct pipe water dispenser on their premises or are planning to. This is due to the fact that its cost-effectiveness compares favourably to other methods of supplying beverages on the go, such as coffee machines and vending machines.


  • Uninterrupted Supply of Water

One of the key benefits of a direct pipe water dispenser is its ability to provide an uninterrupted supply of high-quality drinking water. This is because these systems are connected directly to the municipal water infrastructure, so there is no risk of running out of water due to machine or filter breakdowns. Additionally, many models also feature built-in.


  • Space Saving Benefit

There is no need to store those bulky and heavy water bottle stockpiles that take up a lot of room in the pantry since it has an unbroken connection to a continuous water supply from the mains.

There are also many slim choices out there in the market today.


  • Environmentally Friendly Option

Bottled water dispensers contribute to plastic waste on a regular basis with each refill, whereas piped-in dispensers only need to change filters once or twice a year.


Other Benefits of Direct Piping Water Dispensers

Other benefits of direct piping water dispensers are that they:

  • Eliminate the need for constant replenishment of the bottle water containers (which means you save on that as well as on delivery costs)
  • Eliminate the need for storage for the bottles
  • Eliminate the need for replacing the bottled containers (reduced risk of injuries)


In conclusion, direct piping water dispensers offer a number of advantages over other methods of supplying beverages on the go. These include cost-effectiveness, elimination of the need for constant replenishment and storage of bottled water, and reduced risk of injuries associated with replacing bottled water containers.

The type of water dispenser is also important to consider. There are two types: which may be divided into floor standing and counter/tabletop models. The larger storage capacity of floor standing water dispensers makes them more popular for industrial areas.

In contrast, tabletop water dispenser units are more compact and smaller in size, and may be placed on a table or countertop, which is also another popular choice for offices.

Direct piping water dispensers are not the only water dispensers in Singapore available in the market.

There are several different types of water dispensers on the market, with various features included such as: UV sterilizer, 4-step Temperature Control, Precise Energy Application, and more.

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