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Puricare was extremely prompt and quick to reply to our enquiry. Their staff were knowledgeable and managed to answer all our queries, which gave us a peace of mind; they even proposed the model which suited our requirements. During the installation process, it was done in an orderly manner without any mess for us to clean up. Overall, a good purchasing experience and we will recommend Puricare to anyone in need of Water Dispenser Products.

 Canon / URL

Our company had been using water dispensers of another brand for many years till we chanced upon Puricare’s website and made enquires to find out more. Was convinced by how Puricare could suit our needs through patient and thorough demonstrations by their team. A big thanks to them for providing an awesome and friendly service.

 Keppel Land / URL

Our staff are pleased with the upgraded dispensing system that Puricare provided as it is very user-friendly. Both the Technical and Sales staff at Puricare were excellent to work with through the entire process. Will recommend to others.

National University of Singapore / URL

Our hospital has engaged Puricare for about a year now for their rental services. Their staff ensures that our dispensers are well maintained and our water is safe for consumption. The sales and technical staff are competent and are wonderful to work with. Thank you for the excellent service. We will not hesitate to recommend.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital / URL

Puricare has provided our company with exceptional service at a reasonable price and for the odd time we require technical support we have found them friendly and quick to respond. Puricare’s systems are very easy to use, and are very low maintenance. We expect the cost savings to more than offset the cost of the system. Highly recommend Puricare to everyone to have it at your workplace.

Prudential / URL

We were browsing through different water dispensers in the market when we came across Puricare. Qiao Hui was very prompt in answering all our enquiries. She knows the product well. Puricare’s technical staff were skilled and performed demos for us during the installation process. It was very informative. We are very satisfied with their service. We are glad to have chosen Puricare.

Visa Singapore / URL

We have engaged Puricare’s services for over 6 months now. We previously used Bottled Water Delivery, which was cost ineffective and not environmentally friendly. After switching, not only does their dispensers provide pure filtered drinking water on demand in our office but it also helps us to be more eco-friendly. We are very satisfied with their service and highly recommend Puricare.

Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) / URL
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