Instant Hot & Cold Water Dispensers In Singapore

Puricare is a leading provider of premium instant hot and cold water dispensers in Singapore, catered for offices and residential needs around.

Our vision is to provide Singaporeans a seamless experience in getting natural and pure water at their fingertips. Not only are we in the business of supplying good quality grade water dispensers, but we are a 1-stop full service water dispenser supplier as well.

This means that we handle everything from rental to repair to after sales support, which many consumers would not have access to these services especially if they buy these water dispensers online. Shop from a wide range of hot and cold water dispensers in our online store today.

Company background


Instant Hot & Cold Water Dispensers In Singapore

Puricare was established in 2007 and has since became a market leader in providing high quality and premium water dispensers to all corporate and home customers.


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  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Puretron (PC888)

Heron (PC388)




Harmony (PC200)





Why Choose Puricare's Water Dispensers

  • Improved Hydration & Health
    Water makes up between 55-70% of a human's body weight. Drinking pure water will help maintain a healthy YOU! Find out more.
  • Flexible Leasing Program
    Our water dispensers and other products are available for leasing with no upfront investment cost.
  • Online Warranty
    The convenient way to register your warranty, and never worry about after sales maintenance.

Core Value


Benefits of Drinking Purified Water

Helps to Remove Toxins & Unpleasant Taste

  • Allows our kidney to filter toxins
  • Helps our cells to remove waste
  • Helps our hearts with pumping fresh, oxygenated blood to our organs
  • Tastes better than tap water

Has Essential Minerals

  • The right kind of purification ensures that all the essential materials do not get taken out of the water
  • Water contains several minerals such as: Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium that is good for your body

Good For Your Joints

  • Our joints require moisture in order to remain strong and flexible
  • Healthy, well-nourished joints are able to move without pain

No Contamination

  • Tap water at times can contain dirt and chemicals that are not filtered out
  • Moreover, bacteria and microorganisms can grow and breed in the water itself

Improves your Skin

  • Improves your Skin
  • Eliminate dull skin
  • Helps to prevent over production of oil on your skin

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